Writers Wanted

Long Island Pet Pages is always looking to hire freelance writers and bloggers to cover the following generalized pet related topical areas:

Pets In The News & Pet Agility Shows
Covering pet related public events and showings, including dog agility shows, best in shows, pet costume shows, dancing pets, pets that are in the news, celebrity pets, and the like. This would not be restricted to dogs, but include cat events, horse events, ferret events, and all other animals and types of pets that pet owners actually get together to celebrate their pets.

Training, Socialization, Tips & Techniques
Covering pet training tips and techniques, suggestions that help socialize our pets with other pets and humans, new technology and existing products that help train our pets, review and opinions of these products or techniques, working dogs and specialized training tips, pet food and treats used for training, and the like. This would not be restricted to dogs, but include the training and socialization of cats, horses, ferrets, guinea pigs, rabbits, turtles and all types of pets that pet owners around the world may have.

Pet Health Related Information
Covering pet related health topics, such as seasonal diseases, breed specific diseases, symptoms, prevention, treatments and different products that may be available or recommended, pet insurance topics, review of veterinarian tools, news, food recalls and other pet food related issues, and the like. The would not be restricted to dogs but cover all animals and types of pets.

Breeder, Groomer & Breed and/or Pet Specific
Covering generalized breeding and grooming tips on LongIslandPetPages.com, including generalized breed information (e.g. about ‘Terriers’). Also, specific and individualized breed information posts for a specific breed or pet.

For every article selected, Long Island Pet Pages will pay out at the following payment schedule:

* If over 1,000 words – $15.00 per post/article
* If between 500-999 words – $10.00 per post/article
* If between 300-499 words – $5.00 per post/article
* If 299 words or less – and your post is selected, the post will be designated as a “Guest Authored” post, and you will be allowed to place a ‘resourceful-type’ link and description at the bottom of the post to refer readers to your own blog or website (no affiliated links) and there will be no remuneration fee paid.

You must have a valid paypal account and amounts are listed in US Dollars. All article payments will be made on the 15th of each month following your article submission and acceptance.

Separation From The Topics
Long Island Pet Pages is only interested in covering pet related topics listed above at this time. A person may be an expert in one generalized area listed above (e.g. vet assistant, professional trainer, breeder, etc) or be able to research and write content on any or all of the topics above.

Original Content & Licensing
Long Island Pet Pages is NOTlooking for ezine articles or rehashes of articles that have been published on the ‘net previously. We are seeking original content writers and all articles will be checked for authenticity. If you are not the creator of content and decide to quote another blogger or writer’s words, proper citation must be given (e.g. provide a link to the original source). You might want to read this en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wikipedia:Citing_sources ..

Generally, only use a portion or quote of the original article and do not replicate the entire article – for photos and videos, the same rules apply. If you aren’t the creator then proper citation must be provided and unless you have linked the video from YouTube or the like, you will need permission from the owner of the video or picture. Violation of this point will cause you to be either reprimanded or terminated .. and possibly you might be “put to the hounds” and flogged by pets around the world and the general blogging community if you are caught. For remuneration purposes, “word count” may be discounted and limited up to 50 words for quoted information for the entire article.

Writer grants Long Island Pet Pages exclusive 1-year ONLINE publishing rights, and indefinite non-exclusive right thereafter. You will not repost this content onto any other blog you may own or write, and as content is supposed to be original, there should be no reproduction of content originally posted on any other blog you may own or write for. You are free to use the content OFFLINE in any manner you’d like. After the exclusive 1-year is up, you may republish any of the content as you’d like (in other blogs you may own or write for, eBooks, etc). Long Island Pet Pages may republish in whole or in part at any time within the network to help promote the network or the individual PetLvr blog in question.

Author and Linkage
All articles written by the writer will appear as articles written by the writer, if published on Long Island Pet Pages. The current and future templates will always display the author associated with every post. Currently, writers will submit articles for review for submission. If the article, for some reason, is not published on Long Island Pet Pages, the writer may use the article for any other purpose and the draft will deleted and discarded by Long Island Pet Pages. You will not be able to link to affiliated products or stores of your own from articles in our blog, although linking out is encouraged and may be to sites that link to affiliated products or stores of your own. If your post is under 300 words and designated as a Guest Authored post, you may link out to your website in the post.

Your very own Author “about” page will be created for each paid writer on board, and you may request to add links to your various blogging and writing ventures out on the ‘net.

To apply, simply submit an article or articles for review to our editors at writers@LongIslandPetPages.com. When submitting articles for review, please include your full author name and bio, as well as your Paypal email address for payment, should your article be selected for publishing.  If your article or articles are selected for publishing, a staff member will be in touch with you verify your information.  Please note that all articles are subject to editing prior to publishing by our editing department.  If your article is NOT selected for publishing, Long Island Pet Pages will delete and discard it and notify you via email.

Questions and Comments
If you are hired as an author – it is assumed that you have not only read everything on this page, but you agree and will abide by any listed and future listed terms and agreements listed on this page and LongIslandPetPages.com