Why Adopting an Adult Cat is Better than a Kitten

Why Adopting an Adult Cat is Better than a Kitten - Long Island Pet Pages Why Adopting an Adult Cat is Better than a Kitten - Long Island Pet Pages

If you’ve ever taken a stroll through your local shelter, you’ll see folks fawning over puppies and tiny kittens… they’re just so… cute. But before you take one of those little cuties home with you, consider adopting an older, adult cat. Here’s why:

Adult cats make great companions.
When you go to an animal shelter, it’s hard not to be wooed by the adorable face of a kitten. However, a young pet may not actually be the best fit for you and your lifestyle. In fact, adult cats tend to make great pets.

They aren’t as rambunctious.
Kittens have a lot of energy to expend, and they do so by running, climbing and playing. Unfortunately, those activities can be destructive – many owners get fed up with kittens because of it. Adult cats have mellowed out, making them a calmer choice of pet. Their more relaxed personalities are great for families with kids, older adults or anyone who wants an even-tempered companion.

You know their personalities.
Shelters can offer you insight into the personalities of adult cats. Kittens are still developing into the animals they will become later in life, so it’s difficult to predict how they will act. For example, you’ll know if an adult cat is outgoing or likes to hide.

They may not need as much attention.
People who lead busy lives and are out of the house frequently are better off adopting an adult cat. They don’t need to be trained and their mild manners make them less anxious when you’re away.

You’ll be saving a life
Kittens will always be adopted – there will always be someone there to take home those cute cuddly bundles. But if you open your heart and your home to an adult cat, you’ll be giving him a home and a family, and isn’t that why we adopt pets from shelters in the first place!

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