What to Know BEFORE You Stock Your Aquarium with Fish

Tips for choosing the right fish for your lifestyle

What to Know BEFORE You Stock Your Aquarium with Fish - Long Island Pet Pages What to Know BEFORE You Stock Your Aquarium with Fish - Long Island Pet Pages

So you’ve decided you want to have fish as pets, congratulations! When you are on the hunt for the perfect fish for your desktop aquarium, you should take some time to ask yourself several things. First, you should know what you are looking for. Take some time to really learn about the fish that will work well together in your fish tank. You should also think about how much room they need as well as what type of care they will need from you as well. You can do much of your learning right here on the web. When it comes to actually stocking your desktop aquarium, though, there are several things that you should ask your local pet store before you purchase the fish.

Remember to always purchase fish from a trusted pet store. You should feel comfortable with the quality of the fish that they provide. If you have any doubts about the place, shop around until you’re sure. You can probably find a better location to purchase your fish from. With that said, there are some things that you should ask when it comes to the fish that you plan to purchase to fill your mini aquarium. Here are some:

What type of care do you need to provide to the fish?
In most cases, you will want to know the basics here. It is necessary for you to know not only what the fish needs, but also what the fish has been accustomed to while living at the pet store. This can help the fish to survive better when you bring him home to your fish tank.

What type of food does the fish need to eat as well as how much and when is it eating?
Again, this may be specific to the pet store and it may be specific to the animal as well. The goal is, though, to ensure that you provide your pet fish with the best quality of foods as you can.

What levels of water quality does the fish need?
You should know the type of pH level it needs, the salinity that it needs as well as the temperature of the water that it needs. You will need to make sure that you can meet all of these needs in your tank as well as that this fish needs to have the same levels as the fish you already have in your mini aquarium.

Finally, ask the pet store about the aggressiveness of the fish.
You need to know if this fish and that fish will work well together or if they are going to kill each other. Really, it is as simple as that!

Having the answers to these questions can really help you to get the best results for your desktop aquarium. Never be shy to ask these questions, and you’ll have happy and healthy fish to look at everyday!


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