Tragic End for Dog Swept Away in Floodwaters

Yuri-Dog-Swept-Away-in-Long-Island-Floodwaters - Long Island Pet Pages Yuri-Dog-Swept-Away-in-Long-Island-Floodwaters - Long Island Pet Pages

An historic storm pummeled Long Island yesterday with torrential downpours and flooding, has claimed its second fatality: a beloved family dog.

Yuri, a Russian terrier who lived in West Babylon, was found lifeless along Carlls Creek Thursday morning, according to a family friend of his owner.

The almost 6-year-old Russian Terrier was swept away by flood waters near his family’s home in West Babylon Wednesday. The dog, was pulled under by strong currents in a pond connected to the Carlls River in Babylon while trying to take a drink during a walk with its owners after the pounding rains let up. There had been at least two reports of Yuri sightings soon after the pup went missing, according to Lost & Found Pets of Long Island, a Facebook page for lost pets that helped coordinate a search for him. “Words cannot express our deepest sympathy or the heartache we feel at Yuri’s loss,” a post on their page read.

Yuri’s family and their friends had been set to pass out fliers Thursday morning as the flood waters receded and the massive cleanup effort began in earnest across the island when a rescuer found the dog’s body.

A 120-pound pup with thick black fur, Yuri was a show dog and had been set to perform in agility trials this weekend, the family friend said.

Torrential downpours soaked Nassau and Suffolk counties, dropping up to 13 inches of rain in some spots and shattering records.

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