The Dyson DC24 Animal Vacuum Review

Dyson DC24 Animal Vacuum Review - Long Island Pet Pages Dyson DC24 Animal Vacuum Review - Long Island Pet Pages

If you’ve found that your current vacuum simply isn’t cutting it when it comes to picking up pet hair and dander, then you may want to consider purchasing a vacuum that has the suction and tools necessary to rid your home of these potentially allergy causing elements. The Dyson DC24 Animal is ideal for those who own pets, or for those who require a more hypoallergenic environment, such as those suffering from asthma or severe dust allergies. Given that it is a Dyson, you can rest assured that you’re getting a top of the line product that is well worth your investment. Here is a brief review of the Dyson DC24 Animal.

The Benefits of the Dyson DC24 Animal. This vacuum offers a wide range of features. Therefore, the benefits of owning one are numerous, here are just a few:

  • This product is budget friendly, as the washable HEPA filter allows you to save money on vacuum bags or filters that you must typically purchase with more traditional vacuum cleaners.
  • It is compact, as well as lightweight, which enables just about anyone to use it with relative ease. It does, however, have a tremendous amount of suction power, despite its smaller size, and lives up to Dyson’s reputation as being durable and long lasting.
  • Included is a mini turbine head, which is ideal for cleaning up pet hair from stairways or any type of upholstery.
  • Features root cyclone technology, for maximum power.
  • The product’s handle is collapsible, which enables you to store it in smaller spaces, making it a perfect choice for those who live in apartments, or for homeowners who already own a Dyson and would like to use this vacuum in a particular area of their home.
  • The Dyson DC24 Animal comes with a 5 year warranty, so you have the added peace of mind in knowing that, if anything should go wrong with the product, you are fully covered.

What others are saying about the Dyson DC24 Animal. Most of those who own this vacuum cleaner give it a favorable review, with a number of them finding that this smaller version of the Dyson animal family has the same suction as its larger counterparts. In addition, quite a few users found that the vacuum’s ability to fit into small space, such as behind furniture, was a big selling point.

If you’re looking a vacuum that is compact but still provides you with enough cleaning power to pick up pet hair with ease, then the DC24 Animal is definitely the best choice. Given that it was certified as “asthma friendly’ by the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America, it’s also a great product for those who suffer from those conditions. When all is said and done, it is a Dyson, so you know that you can expect great things. Find it on


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The Dyson DC24 Animal is an upright cleaner specially designed to clean up pet hair. Although smaller than the other Dyson upright cleaners, the DC24 is a powerful solution to stubborn pet hair. Wendy Owen has thoroughly researched pet hair vacuum cleaners. Visit her at Pet Hair Vacuums

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