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A pet bird cage is the creatures home sweet home. This home is your birds inner sanctum. It is a place that the bird will feel secure and can be happy in a safe habitat. Just like up humans. Our home is our castle where we can be the king. Pet bird cages allow the bird to be the king of their homes. You should remember this while looking at and selecting a pet bird cage.

When looking, if you are considering discount bird cages, make sure you pick a good one. Besides the previous conditions that should be met, convenience and a pet bird cage that is easy to clean should also be taken under advisement. It really is not all that easy to get all of this. You have to look around and compare many different bird cages to make the right choice.

What size should your cage be?

Obviously don’t get a cage where the bird can’t move. You also do not want a cage that takes up half your living room either. The general rule for picking out the right size pet bird cage is this. Bigger birds, like a macaw, should be able to fully spread its wings in all directions. Smaller birds like canaries are like to fly more than sit on a bar. A bigger pet bird cage would be the choice to allow them to fly around in it. Just remember that a bigger cage requires more cleaning.

How far apart should the bars on cages be?

This is a giant safety issue with the bird that will be occupying this cage. The bigger the cage, the more space between the bars there will be. No bird, and I emphasise this again, NO BIRD should be able to stick its head through the bars of the cage that it is living in. You are just asking for the bird to break its own neck or strangle itself by having bars that are to far apart. A lot of the newer pet bird cages vary the spacing between the bars. This will allow a pet bird owner to purchase a big cage that is safe for a small bird.

What should my pet bird cages be made of?

Metal is the most common and most popular material for bird cage construction. Wrought iron is a popular material for these cages. Because the cages made from wrought iron are usually the least expensive, owners of larger birds tend to buy these cheap cages. This iron is made in mexico most of the time and is painted black. The paint can come off on the bird getting your little friend dirty. You also have to make sure there is no lead in that paint, which there probably isn’t. You can have the pet bird cage sand blasted to take all the paint off. Then have it powder coated for a long lasting and easy cleaning bird cage. (Continued…)

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