Keeping Fish as Pets – What’s Best For Kids?

Keeping Fish as Pets - What's Best For Kids - Long Island Pet Pages Keeping Fish as Pets - What's Best For Kids - Long Island Pet Pages

Aquarium keeping can both be a fun and good learning experience for kids. It teaches them responsibility and appreciation for living creatures. Helping your kids get acquainted with the aquatic life is a wonderful idea. Fishes are enjoyable pets to keep. However, a child should be made to understand that an aquarium needs time and attention and is not just something you fill with water and fishes then let be. There are also duties involved like feeding your pets on time, regular cleaning of tanks, and like any other pets that could get sick, ill fishes could require greater care. To help kids make success in keeping aquariums, careful selection of fishes should be done. Fishes ideal as pets for kids, and the very ones advised for beginning aquarists, are the ones known to be hardy. When getting a fish, kids would most likely think about a goldfish in a bowl. They might be long-lived and easy to care for, but keeping them in a fishbowl wouldn’t last them long. Goldfish isn’t as hardy as its koi counterpart. Kois may be easier appreciated by adults, but these fishes are tough and only require the simplest daily care regimen. The Betta, or the Siamese fighting fish, is an inexpensive species that has quite an aggressive nature, but is a fun pet. Its low waste output helps water maintenance quite easy. Fishes that are both hardy and attractive for the aquarium like guppies, swordtails, platies, danios, tetras and gouramis are also excellent suggestions. There is a long list of fishes that makes suitable pets for kids but probably no other fish can charm their owner as much as the Oscar can.

An Oscar fish behaves more like dogs, and oftentimes, like a kid itself. Its loving, charming, funny and cute personality traits earned its reputation as an all-time favourite of many aquarists. It loves to be lifted from the water and ever touched and patted often. What your kids would probably love most about this fish is its intelligence. How it recognizes its owner and even respond to people is quite amazing and not many fish could do that. But okay, sweet as they are, Oscars have their aggressive side too. It doesn’t mean they can’t be kept with other fishes though. Careful selection of tankmates for your Oscar would help your child even successfully keep a community tank. Cichlids of the same size would not be bullied by the Oscar fish. Many have made success with putting Oscar together with Pecos, Dempseys, Scavenger fishes, Tiger loaches and certain species of catfish. Smaller fishes could be easily eaten by the Oscar, considering its quite hearty appetite. Your Oscar may even bullied if you keep it with more aggressive or larger-sized fishes.


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Learning more about potential Oscar fish tankmates is always a wise idea before adding them in. That will save your kid from finding some of his fishes dead. Though there are many other best fish pets for kids, a peaceful community tank with an Oscar would be most rewarding aquatic experience for your child.

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