Keep Your Pet Cool This Summer with a Cooling Pet Bed!

Dog-Cooling-Bed - Long Island Pet Pages Dog-Cooling-Bed - Long Island Pet Pages
Cool Bed III - Dog Cooling Bed - Long Island Pet Pages

Cool Bed III – Dog Cooling Bed

The dog days of summer are here. Balmy, humid and well, just uncomfortable — and that’s just for us humans. Can you imagine how hot it must feel for your furry friends?

Pets handle heat differently than humans. Overheating can lead to lack of energy, skin irritations, breathing difficulties and a variety of other health concerns for your pet, and a cooling pet bed may be just what the doctor ordered for your furry friend.

A cooling pet bed is a great way to keep your pets cool in the summer. It helps keep them cool indoors or out,and if your cat or dog suffers from bad joints, hops or a skin condition, it can provide some much needed releif.

Self Cooling Pet Pad- Long Island Pet Pages

Self Cooling Pet Pad

Cooling beds range in price, size and style, but they all operate on the same basic principle, and are safe for your pet an the environment.

So why not treat your best friend to something cool this summer!?  You and your furry friends will be glad you did!

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