How to Know if you are a Cat or a Dog Person

How to Know if you are a Cat or a Dog Person How to Know if you are a Cat or a Dog Person

There is a lot of social debate about the personality differences which set cat and dog people apart. Scientific results are inconclusive, and where specific patterns exist, the differences are often attributed to the behavioral differences of the two animals. Despite that, there are some logical questions that can determine whether you would be better suited for a feline companion or a canine.

Do You Want a Loyal Companion?

Cats tend to be more solitary than dogs. Cats are more active at night, and dogs are daytime creatures.. It is rare to find a cat that will allow you to put it on a leash, while dogs adjust to the idea quite quickly. Convincing a cat that it wants to be available at your slightest beckoning is difficult, while a dog is anxious for you to call it’s name.

Companionship Considerations:

Dogs are obedient and submissive.
Cats are independent and aloof.

Dogs are more aggressive.
Cats are indifferent or shy.

Dogs are typically larger and less coordinated.
Cats are smaller and more graceful.

This is not to say that cats are not great companions. When a cat wants to be petted or cuddled, it can be insistently loving. But, cats are not waiting around for you to notice them, while dogs seem to relish the slightest bit of attention. A cat is happy to play alone with a ball, while the dog would rather you participated in a game of fetch.

What is Your Pet Environment?

Except for small dogs, canines require more care and maintenance. Cats are happy with a litter box and are more finicky, while most dogs need to be taken outside, and are willing to help themselves to table scraps. Because of these differences, a dog person should be enthusiastic about spending more time interacting with their pet, while a cat person should be willing to accept that the cat wants and expects very little interference.

There is also the consideration of pet hygiene. Both types of pet need to be groomed regularly, including clipping their nails. Dogs need to be bathed regularly or they will develop an odor. Cats clean themselves regularly and need human-assisted bathing only on rare occasions. Flea and tick prevention was once the major reason for giving your cat a bath, but there are products on the market today that eliminate flea shampooing for both species, unless you simply wish to use it.


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