Healthy Alternatives: Making Your Own Pet Food at Home

Healthy Alternatives - Making Your Own Pet Food at Home - Long Island Pet Pages Healthy Alternatives - Making Your Own Pet Food at Home - Long Island Pet Pages

As a pet owner no doubt you want to give the quality and healthy food to your pet for the best care possible. Best care means feeding your pet the nutritious diet you can.

Many pet owners prepare their pet food at home. By preparing your pet food at home you can save up to 80% and it’s easy; making pet food at home is probably a lot less time-consuming than you may have thought. With hundreds of websites offering free pet food recipes online, it’s now easier than ever to make your own pet food.

As a general guide meats should be raw and vegetables must be finely chopped in a food processor or by a hand grater. While preparing food for your pet does not need salt added to their diet as the natural salt in the food is enough for them. It’s a good idea to always add a grain, such as Kibble, wheat germ, cooked oatmeal or whole wheat bread to meat dinners. For dogs use 75% carbohydrate foods (grains and vegetables) to 25% meat; for cats use half carbohydrate foods to half meat.

All pet foods should be served at room temperature; don’t serve food cold from the refrigerator nor hot from the stove. When it comes time for feeding, it is important that you let your dogs and cats eat as much as they want at the time of feeding. Once their body becomes nutritionally satiated, they will cut their food intake, sometimes by half the amount, and go on a maintenance diet. Incidentally, you should know that cats should be fed three times a day, while an adult dog needs only one meal a day.

To get started, find a good book with pet food recipes and use it to start preparing simple meals. You can also get free recipes regularly here at Long Island Pet Pages.

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