Genius Machine Feeds Homeless Pets while Saving the Environment

Recycling Machine Feeds Stray Animals - Long Island Pet Pages Recycling Machine Feeds Stray Animals - Long Island Pet Pages

An innovative company has developed a vending machine that’s dispensing help for both the environment and our furry friends.

The Turkish company, Pugedon, recently introduced a vending machine in Istanbul that releases food and water for the city’s stray dogs in exchange for recycled plastic bottle.  When someone deposits their bottles at the top, food is released at thebottom.  These “Smart Recycling” boxes operate with no cost to the city, as the recycled bottles cover the cost of the food.

The simple machine will provide a steady source of sustenance to the animals, who often rely on the area’s residents to feed them. It’s also bringing some positive change to a place where the fate of stray animals has not always been a happy one. Turkey is known for its large numbers of stray animals roaming its urban areas. The city of Istanbul alone is home to more than 150,000 stray dogs and cats.

The Pugedon vending machines aim to give these stray animals a brighter future, while also encouraging its users to get in a healthy recycling habit.

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