Choosing the Right Dog for Apartment Living

Choosing the Right Dog for Apartment Living - Long Island Pet Pages Choosing the Right Dog for Apartment Living - Long Island Pet Pages

Living by yourself in an apartment can be lonely. That’s why so many people decide to adopt a pet: for comfort and companionship. While many breeds do just fine in an apartment setting, care should be taken to ensure that you choose just the right dog for this more cramped lifestyle.

It’s a fallacy that dogs need a big yard to romp around in. Many breeds do well in apartments. Why, even larger breeds like Greyhounds and Great Danes can fit right in to apartment living. That doesn’t mean every dog will though. Before heading to the local shelter or pet store and falling for those big eyes and “love me” looks, it is important to know just which breeds to consider – and which to steer clear of.

Size Doesn’t Really Matter
Most people think that the smaller the dog the easier it will acclimate to an apartment lifestyle. This isn’t always the case. For instance, Chihuahuas are certainly small enough to fit into even the tiniest city space, but with their penchant for barking, do not make good neighbors.

Great Danes, however, make fantastic apartment dwellers despite their huge size (most weight in at 100 to 130 pounds!). With such an easy-going temperament, friendly demeanor, trainability and quiet nature, the Great Dane can easily be left alone in an apartment. One thing is essential though – this breed needs a comfortable place to loaf on – like your couch! Not much of a barker, your neighbors will ever even know that you have a dog; let alone such a big one.

Temperament is the Key to Successful Apartment Living
Now that you understand that size if not your main factor in picking a good apartment dog, it is vital that you understand the #1 thing to look for: temperament. The best apartment dogs are ones that need minimal exercise and outdoor time; are easily trained; can handle being left alone while you are away; don’t bark much, and are friendly. Sounds like a tall order, but thankfully there are plenty of breeds that fit these criteria. Here are just a few:

Yorkshire Terrier
Considered one of the best apartment dogs, the Yorkshire Terrier entertain themselves well. With the right toys can get more than enough exercise within the walls of your apartment. Requiring only a short walk once a day, this dog loves being indoors. Some can even be trained to use puppy pads, limiting their need for multiple potty trips each day.

Lhaso Apso
A fun loving dog that can be quite stubborn and bold (making it harder to train), this lapdog loves to play but can easily have its exercise requirements fulfilled with indoor romping. (Continued)

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