Choosing the right Boarding Facility for Your Pet

Choosing the Right Boarding Facility for Your Pet - Long Island Pet Pages Choosing the Right Boarding Facility for Your Pet - Long Island Pet Pages

People with pets will always need pet boarding-facility whenever they are planning to stay away from home. Although the facilities might be easy to come by, choosing a good pet boardingfacility is a hard task. It should be done carefully to avoid taking your animals where there is no proper pet grooming and care. It is also important to note that some animal require special treatment hence finding a place that will meet their needs and keep them happy is a daunting task.

Before making your mind to use a particular facility, you need to go to the facility in person. This will enable you to verify if the facility is clean, and find out whether the animals there are happy and healthy.

Avoid boarding facilities that do not require current vaccinations! It also includes worm check. Some veterinarians have decided to offer pet boarding services as part of their business. This is however not a guarantee for good pet boarding services unless they have separate staff and an area for dogs to exercise and play.

When visiting a potential pet boarding-facility, find out if the animals are monitored and always kept safe when playing outdoors. Ask about the staff and their experience.  How many staff members are on hand? Are the staff trained kennel personnel.  What happens in the event of a medical or other emergency. If pets are allowed a play area, be sure to check on the fencing and ensure it looks secure.

If in search of a boarding-facility for your cat, ensure the facility has a separated area from the dogs. Barking and howling are major sources of stress for a cat and should be avoided.

If you are boarding your dog, ensure to find out how it will be cared for. How often is feeding done? Is there regular outdoor playtime?

The bottom line is to ensure you ask questions and visit the facility to ensure your pet will be taken care of they way you’d want him to be, so you can have peace of mind and enjoy your time away!

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