Are you feeding your pet trash?

Are You Feeding Your Dog Trash - Long Island Pet Pages Are You Feeding Your Dog Trash - Long Island Pet Pages

If your dogs breath stinks like he’s been eating something dead and rotten there are a couple of different things to look at.

First is dental care the issue? If your pet doesn’t have his teeth and gums cleaned either by you or your vet then that should be a starting point for controlling bad breath.

On the other hand if you regularly have his teeth cleaned and the gums aren’t swelled red or bleeding, then what he eats may be to blame. As “food” digests vapors are exuded and may back up through the mouth giving that rotten smell to your pets breath.

Many, not all, but many of the pet “foods” available at the grocery or big box stores contain unsavory ingredients to say the least. Everything that goes into the slaughter house that doesn’t meet the requirements to become human food goes into our pets “food”. This includes but is not limited to organs, intestines, bones, heads, feet, and feathers and in some cases feces. Other ingredients may include dead, dying and diseased animals as well as euthanized dogs and cats from animal shelters. So beware when your vet says he’ll “take care of “your pet when you have to put one down. They could end up back in the food bowl of someone else’s pet!

Old restaurant grease is also used as “flavoring”. You know the big nasty greasy used oil container located back behind the dumpster? They put it where it’s out of sight and smelling distance of paying customers for fear of turning their stomach. It contains rancid corn, vegetable oil shortening and drippings from all manner of meats. Buyers take this goop and add chemical stabilizers to keep it from deteriorating further then sell it to the big rendering plants. The rendering plants take all of these “ingredients” grind them into a mash and cook it to around 250-270 degrees. The fats are then skimmed off for reintroduction later. Once the goop has thickened and cooled coloring may be added as well, it is extruded into cute little shapes that are pleasing to the eye of the pet owner. The shapes have nothing to do with the palatability of the “food”. An extruder is much like a child’s colored dough fun factory but on a much larger scale.

The “food ” is then dried and “flavored ” by spraying the skimmed off fats back onto the kibble to give it some sort of palatability for the animal.

The food is then bagged up in double lined “Flavor saver” bags to keep the grease from leaking through or evaporating which would make it un-edible to a pet’s sensitive nose.

Another claim that many foods make is that they are 100% complete.

“This is the only food you’ll ever need to feed your pet.”

Well first of all no one knows what it takes to be 100% complete nutritionally and keep your pet healthy. Secondly, can you imagine eating the same thing meal after meal day after day month upon year of eating the same thing? Humans can’t survive and be nutritionally healthy by eating the same thing every day so why we expect our pets to do the same? (Continued…)

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