9 Things Your Probably Didn’t Know About Parrots

9 Things You Probably Didnt Know About Parrots - Long Island Pet Pages 9 Things You Probably Didnt Know About Parrots - Long Island Pet Pages

5. Birds love to make a mess all around them.
They have their very important place in the wild world because their main function is to “afforest” the wood. Regarding to that, the bird takes a piece of its food and the rest throws on the ground. So be ready to spend a lot of your time cleaning after your parrot. You must feed your bird only seeds. Variety makes birds healthy. Consider just for a moment: how long do you think you shall remain in good health if your food includes only seeds and water? That goes for the parrots, too. Actually, there is a good rule regarding the birds which says: “If something is good for me, it’s good for my parrot as well”. You should try the system with the three bowls: Fresh water, Fresh fruits and vegetables, packed food, nuts and seeds.

6. Parrots need to take bath regularly.
The origin of most of them coming from the rainforests where they take a shower app. 3 times a week, no matter if they want it or not. The clean water they use is very important for their feathers. Some of them prefer taking a bath under the shower with us, others – to be splashed with water (for example with sprinkler for bedewing flowers) or to be placed under the stream of water in the sink. Often they also prefer taking a bath in a bowl filled with water. You should try each of these methods until you find the preferred way of your parrot for taking a bath.

7. Parrots like to destroy things.
In their natural environment they spend 90% of their day searching for and consuming food. Living in our homes they receive their food without making any effort which results in some need inside them to “rediscover” and fulfil their time, which normally they spend in searching for food. If you don’t provide them regularly with different bird toys they could start to use your furniture for that purpose. Parrot toys are made specially to be ruined. If the toy cannot be destroyed in that point, there is possibility the bird might not be interested in it. It’s recommended to replace the toy with a different one periodically, to avoid the parrot to get bored.

8. The parrots bite.
Sometimes they bite the hand that feeds them and the people they are familiarized with. This is not like a dog’s bite. It’s true, they bite in some cases because of aggression but more often it is a result of fear or anger. Sometimes as a part of their daily communication, they “bite” each other and expect their natural behaviour to be tolerated by us. Biting is one of their means of communication which makes many people feel themselves hurt and ignored by their pets. To state that simply: birds have an ability to communicate perfectly. By biting they say simply: “I don’t like that” and this way of their expression is so effective. People often are not that honest and convicting and tend to be resentful, when someone else or even a bird is more honest in its attitude than us.

9. The parrots are not appropriate pets for kids.
They are not good choice for kid’s pets because of their incredible intellect. They live long and require daily attention and contact with their “human flock”. A kid goes through a lot of changes and phases of his/her style of living (school, marriage, building a family, moving etc.) which makes it almost impossible to keep a life-long relationship with such an intelligent creature as a pet.


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