9 Things Your Probably Didn’t Know About Parrots

9 Things You Probably Didnt Know About Parrots - Long Island Pet Pages 9 Things You Probably Didnt Know About Parrots - Long Island Pet Pages

Think you know a lot about parrots… think again!  Here’s 9 things you probably didn’t know about this amazing bird.

1. Parrots need daily contact with their owners.
Some kinds need more care and attention than others. Cockatoo, Lorry and Jacob need special care every day. Amazons, Budgie, Conures small Africans parrots need also (though not that much) their owners’ daily attention for keeping up their spiritual tone and socializing.

2. Breeding a parrot could be a very expensive pleasure.
The issue expenses include buying a bird, a big enough bird cages and a first check-up by qualified vet. Subsequently the other required expenses are for food, MANY bird toys, a routine check up, whetting up of the wings (it’s required, not obligatory), nails and beak and sometimes help from a vet in case of emergency. Birds medicine is a very specialized field. Normally, the tests and procedures in the birds treatment cost a lot. Furthermore, it’s typical for birds to express symptoms of some kind of illness when the illness is in an advanced phase (in case when it passes sharply). Because of that fact to start a treatment in this phase is something we often call “emergency help” and as a result it’s more expensive.

3. The parrots are loud.
They live in nocks and make big groups. In the wild they keep contact one another, by the sounds they make when there is no visual contact between them. The bird has the ability to accept you as a member of its flock and that is why the sounds it makes can be interpreted as “keeping in touch” with you. Early in the morning, at sunrise, parrots call the nock to start the new day. At sunset they call the nock again to gather it and execute alighting in order to prepare themselves for their night sleep. These sounds are normal for the parrots and their owners should not get angry and harm them using mean words and to restrain them in those moments.

4. Not all parrots speak.
Although almost all parrots have the ability to learn to speak the human language, not all of them have the desire to start to speak. Some of the most chatty parrot species are the Jacob, Budgie, Yellow-forehead Amazon and double yellow-forehead Amazon, but even for these ones there is no guarantee they shall do it. (Continued…)

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