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Dog Arthritis – Symptoms, Prevention and Treatment

by Long Island Pet Pages in A Dogs Life

Arthritis affects people but also our dear pets. Statistics say that in US about 25% of pets are affected by arthritis. As a dog owner and lover, you should pay attention [...]


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Long Island Dog Rescue Accused of Selling Sick Dogs

by Long Island Pet Pages in Long Island News

A Long Island pet rescue has been accused of selling sick dogs to families and breaking owners’ hearts. A court has ordered Precious Pups, a Calverton dog rescue, to close [...]


Pet Health & Nutrition

  • Keep Out of Reach of... Pets - Long Island Pet Pages Health & Safety News

    Keep Out of Reach of… Pets!

    August 29, 2014 // 0 Comments

    Leaving a pill bottle opened on a low countertop, packing your medication in a plastic baggie or accidentally dropping a pill on the floor could harm your dog more than you [...]
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When It’s Time to Say Goodbye to your Pet

by Long Island Pet Pages in Pets & People

Any pet lover will tell you that when we have a pet, we develop very deep and unique bonds with them so much so that even in our thoughts we wish that our pets outlive us so [...]


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9 Things Your Probably Didn’t Know About Parrots

by Long Island Pet Pages in Birds Eye View

Think you know a lot about parrots… think again!  Here’s 9 things you probably didn’t know about this amazing bird. 1. Parrots need daily contact with their owners. Some kinds need more care and attention than others. Cockatoo, [...]


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  • Is my Ferret Sick - Long Island Pet Pages

    Is my Ferret Sick?

    August 27, 2014 // 0 Comments

    As with any domestic animal, ferrets are prone to specific ferret diseases. Most commonly seen are adrenal disease, insulinomas, gastrointestinal blockages, lymphoma, [...]